Montag, 14. Juli 2008

Summer love - Wallpaper

"What I'm feeling it's never been so easy
when I'm dreaming summer dreaming when you're with me
Just another lucky day
no one makes me feel this way
watch the waves and feel the sand
kiss me now and take my hand"
Summer dreaming - Kate Yanaii

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008


Walking on moonlight ...

"And I promise to love you
Each and every word I say is true
’Cause I always be faithful
Watchin’ over everything you do
So don't you worry
I’m right here by your side
It's alright
And I promise
You all my love tonight"

I promise - Texas lightning

I promise ...

"Me sigue rodeando
La sombra de ti
Y siguen rodando por ahí
Todas las palabras que dijimos
Y los besos que nos dimos
Como siempre
Hoy estoy
Pensando en ti"
Sombra de ti - Shakira

Alone in the sky